gives a clear overview of chords, arpeggios and scales in all guitar positions and common piano fingerings.
A matrix provides additional clarity.
The chord and scale analysis and adjustable playback tool let you easily use
the library to figure out anything you need and practice. 

The VISION is,
to develop a complete, error-free, easy-to-use chord and scale library that will constantly be expanded and extended to other instruments.
Something like this should be available to all musicians and music producers worldwide at low cost!
(We hope that in the future this application becomes community-supported, so that those who can support do, and those who aren’t able can use it for free.)

There is still a long way to go.
If you’d like to support this project with your skills or financially, we would be very happy!
Please join us. You’re very welcome!

If you find an error or bug, or have ideas for additional scales or features, let us know!
If possible, we will integrate your feedback into future updates.

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# and b are not simultaneously displayed, furthermore double # and double b,
inversions and slash chords are missing, for the time being. They are displayed instead by the skull, which indicates “incorrect” representations.

Special THANKS
Many thanks to all users of the previous app “All Chords – Scales & Arpeggios” !!
Your interest laid the foundation for this new app and your purchase helps drive its creation.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to continue the previous app nor possible to
inform users directly about the change.
If you’re such a user and you write us about it, we would like to thank you with a lifetime
“early adopters VIP membership“ ! 😉